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Champagnes from another millenium.

This year, the first aim was to open the doors of the oenotheque and to give the possibility to everyone to discover our old vintages.


The 1st expression was oriented to original dosages made more than 13 years ago with the former choices of dosage and labelling.

The 2nd expression aims to discover the impact of the dosage on old vintages at the same time in its temporal dimension and the sensibility to modern tastes: liquor, dosage choice and the appearence of these bottles.


Thus, you are going to discover the same vintages 1992 1996 and 1998 in two declinations and two expressions of the same vintage.

Oenotheque - Second
Oenothèque - Original

"Who knows how to taste never drinks wine but enjoys secrets"

Salvador Dali

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