Champagne making process

Vincent Prieur, from the 5th generation, transmitted his know-how to the Chef de Caves and his team in order to perpetuate the Champagne Napoléon style.


Champagne elaboration is a long and delicate making process. From one generation to the next, the family has handed down the culture and savoir-faire while preserving the tradition. Day after day, the vineyards are cared and provide us the best during the harvest. The grapes used for our Champagne are chardonnay from la Côte des Blancs and pinots noirs from la Montagne de Reims.

Between the pressing of the grapes, which takes place on the very same day they are harvested, and the moment when you taste a bottle of CHAMPAGNE NAPOLÉON, 3 to 10 years have passed. Years of care and attention so that we can offer you the best. A subtle dosage is added to protect the purity of every vintage. The House proposes a range of 4 vintages to accompany every moment.

During the entire process of elaboration, the wine evolves, it is transformed, shaped, bubbles are born under the attentive eye of the Cellar Master.

Champagne Napoléon

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