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The Range

The Range
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Champagne Tradition Brut

Oenotheque is both the heart and the mind of the House.

Heart, because it represents the passion of our leaders for each vintage. Mind, because each cuvée has been precisely elaborated to transmit Napoléon style.

It was consistent with that principle that I wanted to give access to some bottles from our Oenotheque Napoléon. Having the possibility to discover the expression of these amazing wines, with the surprising maturity between freshness and evolution showed by the impact of time.

The development of tertiary aromas, the last steps of the yeast autolysis and the controlled oxydation are some elements giving a specific evolution to the Champagne.

Let's discover the 2nd expression...

Johan Jarry, Cellar Master


Poser Napoléon

Since 1825, our Champagne is elaborated from the best chardonnays from La Côte des blancs and pinots noirs from la Montagne de Reims. The trademark Champagne Napoléon was registered in 1907.

Only the best years are selected for our vintages.

The four Champagnes of our range will delight the connoisseurs. Cuvée Tradition, blended with equal parts of chardonnay and pinot noir offers a perfect balance between freshness and power. Cuvée Blanc de blancs, with an extrem purity, is the perfect combination with premium aperitifs. The subtle blend of Champagne and coteaux Champenois (red wine from the Champagne area) of our cuvée Rosé Brut will suprise you with intense notes of red berries.

Vintage 2004 whose reputation is well established, is both fresh and complex, it distances itself by a pleasant minerality on the finish.

Collection wines and old vintages connoisseurs may access to our oenotheque and acquire a few bottles of this extremly rare and in limited edition range... 


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