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The harvest:



The winter and the spring have gone through heavy rainfall. The summer was similar, with hail and storms. However, the vineyard, damaged by the weather, supplied a qualitative harvest. Pinots noirs were sorted to only keep the best grapes. This gave to Vintage 1992 its remarkable freshness.

Tasting notes:

The nose reveals first notes of nut, then honey, acacia and dried fruits. After the aeration, it's a spicy universe characterised by black pepper notes. The freshness is maintained with flavours of fresh almonds.


This wine is full on the palate, marked by vanilla notes. It distinguishes itself with a tasty finish with a salted caramel taste. Vintage 1992 symbolizes everything what we expected. This Champagne is a worthy accompanient to blue lobster, according to Arnaud Lallement*** recipe.


Service :

Service temperature : 10°c

Decanting : No


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