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La vendange :

La dégustation :

Exceptional richness on the nose, apricot, grape and a few notes of quince. The palate is caramelized with notes of dried fruits barely toasted. This vintage is impressive of righteousness and richness. This new dosage gave it a second youth with tart and fresh citruses flavours like lemon and ginger. The lenght is full of yellow fruits : pear, vine peach, and a persistent volume.


Dosage : 3g/L Chardonnay Vertus de réserve.

Le service :

Service temperature: 10°c

Food pairing : milk-fed veal with chestnuts and ginger sauce

Messrs. Prieur, 1996 harvest book:

In autumn 1996, the harvest reunited everything to give a future great harvest supplying a future great vintage. The weather was favourable during the grape harvest. The sugar-rich grapes and high acidity of the musts allowed a balance worthy of the best vintages.  It is the security of future excellent Vintages which will cross the millennium.

Vintage 1996 has been sold for the first time in 2007, during our Centennial celebrations. Lieutenant Colonel Thierry Delavaux welcomed us in the Republican Guard for the occasion.











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