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The harvest:

Messrs. Prieur, 1998 harvest book:

While the weather was favourable all year round, a sharp drop or temperature and rainfall appeared at the end of august. This has created some concern about grape maturation. But it benefited from the freshness of this period of the year to grow. A great and warm weather allowed the grapes to finish their maturity. The harvest happened in the middle of September in a summer atmosphere. Then, the harvest was of excellent quality, promising a futur vintage.



Tasting :

The nose has a elegant balance between the power of pinot noir and the preserved freshness of chardonnay. The 1st nose has delicate notes of honey and acacia and, then, gingerbread and buttered brioche. Thereafter, dried fruits, hazelnuts and roasted almond flavours appear, wih a subtle touch of mocha.

In the palate, the liveness is persistent with a beautiful balance between opulence and body. Lemon taste gives frenshness and tension to the wine. This emphasized dried fruits aromas like apricot. The evolution is characterised by butter, caramel, nuts and candied fruits flavours. Sharp finish, without any default, with roasted notes.


Service :

Service temperature : 10°c

Decanting : Yes, slowly, without brutale aeration

45 minutes before tasting


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